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Dear @KellySue and @fraction,

I don’t have a screenshot of my donation to the Red Cross for Sandy relief because I didn’t donate money. I donated my Mom.

That’s her on the far left in the picture. She’s a Red Cross First Responder and she’s basically been training for something like Sandy since Katrina. She left for New York before the storm hit and she still hasn’t come back for more than a couple visits. All of us know she does a lot of good work, making sure people in shelters get what they need and stuff, but it’s not super easy on the family. So instead of donating more to the cause, I tend to scrape together a little something to cheer up my Dad and sister because they miss her too.

I was really happy when I found out you guys were donating to the Red Cross. They do so much good work, not only for people in big disasters like Sandy, but for people who lose their homes in less widespread, but still catastrophic ways. Mom keeps a box of slippers in her car because she’s seen too many people shivering in the snow when they’d run out of burning apartments with nothing on their feet.

Thanks guys. Really, truly thank you.

Posted on 30 January 2013, at 6.46pm with 88 notes
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