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Erin knits, nerds, exists
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Rockin’ a little house pride in honor of a couple of rad Gryffindors. Happy birthday HP & JKR!!! #harrypotter #jkr

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"The second Mizukage already has a poster in my heart."
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It was almost worth h34rts not reading the script I wrote her for the entire time I was in Iowa to see her face as she read it.

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Sunglasses Kiseki no Sedai:
Akashi k0noe
Kise literateknits
Midorima kintoki-douji
Murasakibara acid-pumpkin
Momoi titanjunko
Riko tsukidate

Bag holder extraordinaire thewitchofcanada

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One IMPORTANT Anime Iowa picture: MAT FLAMING CAUTHON. Wheel of Time cosplayers fuel my spirit.

Dovie’andi se tovya sagain!

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Anime Iowa day 2
Roxy/Fem!Tadokoro literateknits
Rose bearsthethird
Aoyagi k0noe
Teshima kintoki-douji
Naruko tsukidate
Junko titanjunko

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Anime Iowa day 3!
Junko titanjunko
Momoi k0noe
Alex literateknits

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Some quality time with the kids.

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Anime Iowa: Day 1
Kyouko spice-hime
Homura titanjunko
Mami/Jade acid-pumpkin
Latula bearsthethird
Suga/Hajime literateknits
If you’re one of these others please let me know!

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Selfie game was very strong this weekend uvu

I don’t know what the hell kind of face I’m making in that last one.

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okay but hear me out

mad max au

everyone gets shitty hair cuts and wears 100% more leather and football gear

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Almost home, restocking some IMPORTANT items. #animeiowa #sportwater #sportsanime

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I have a lot of experience with Sugimoto jokes.

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This statue makes better #tadokoro faces than me. #animeiowa #cosplay #yowapeda #t2 #naruko

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Trying to get a picture of my #kurokonobasket group. Not quite working. #animeiowa #cosplay #kisekinosedai